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Deluxe Guan Yin

Central Mountains, 3,900 ft. Elev.

Nan Tou County

50% Oxidized, Heavy Baked, Shaped

reminiscent of minerals, peach & roasted mushroom
The Legendary Tie Guan Yin. Cuttings were taken from its native AnXi, Fujian and planted in Northern Taiwan. With these cuttings also came a tradition of great tea growers and roasters. This tea is a heavy & twisted like pounded iron with a mineral & orchid aroma as delicate as like the Goddess Guan Yin that inspired its naming. Picked late at night to increase oxidization time, then carefully baked & rolled over 3 days. Its trademark is a slight sour finish & a smoothness in the back of one‘s throat emanating its’ fragrance.
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